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Popinjay Hotel and Spa

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Planning for the most perfect of weddings

A wedding day is one of the biggest days a couple will ever experience and is one that is planned months, sometimes years, in advance. This is the day, especially in a young bride’s life, that must be perfect in every single way.

Our expert wedding planning team brings their unsurpassed talent and experience to bear upon this most special of days. Not one single detail will be overlooked as we endeavour to exceed all your expectations.

From the very first moment, when you walk in through the doors to meet our expert wedding planners, months before the wedding, to the very last sip of champagne as the Bride and Groom are romantically whisked of into the night, you can be assured that we will take care of every single detail, everything you ask for will be provided, and we will ensure that nothing is forgotten.

With exceptional service and unforgettable planning your special day will truly be one that you will always remember.